Ultrasonic heat meter Engelmann SensoStar 2U, Qn 1,5 5,0 mm

including calibration 2017 - 2022

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short information

Plaese pay attention to the innoations of the MID directive and the associated conversion to direct measurement.

The discontinued model, the production of the device is discontinued, the successor is the SensoStar U.

Measurement method: ultrasonic time of flight, including current certification 2017, calibration period 2017 - 2022.

(Gaskets and seals are included at all counters.)

flow sensor

nominal flow qp: 1,5 m³/h                   
starting flow: 6 l/h                  
minimum qi: 15 l/h                   
maximum qs: 3 m³/h
dynamic range qi/qp: 1:100
pressure loss p at qp/qs: 0,21 / 0,87  bar   
nominal pressure PN: 16 bar
accuracy class MID: Klasse 2
temperature range: 15 - 90 °C 
Mounting position: horizontal / vertikal
nominal width DN: 15
connection: 3/4"
overall length: 110 mm

electronic unit:  

temperature range:   [°C] 1 - 105
temperature difference range:     [K] 3 - 90
environment temperature:  [°C] 5 - 55
minimum temperature difference:   [K] > 0,5
resolution temperature:      [°C] 0,01
measuring frequency qp; dynamic: [sec] 4 - 60
display:   LCD ? 8 digits + special characters
displayed thermal energy: 3 decimals
units:   kWh, MWh, GJ, l, m³, m³/h, l/h, kW, MW
interface:   optical interface (M-Bus protocoll); optional: M-Bus: supply voltage
battery:   3 V lithium; 6 + 1 year
data memory:  read-only memory, once a day Stichtage:   15 monthly values with display, frei wählbarer Jahresstichtag, 18  monthly values with optical or M-Bus interface
memory of maximum values: flow and performance
protection class:   IP54
CE:    yes
EMV:    EN1434

temperature sensor:

platinum precision resistor:    Pt1000
sensor:    [mm] 5
cable:  [m] 1,5
installation:   standard return: integrated in flow sensor flow line, direct in ball valve
                  optional in flow line: integrated in flow sensor return,direct in ball valve


electronic unit box:     [mm]                         75 x 110
weight:                     [kg]                          0,85                               0,95

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